At Lifestyle Creators Academy, we realize that each student learns different. The development of emotional intelligence is integrated into our curriculum through problem solving and project based learning. We combine a deep commitment to mindfulness, happiness, and mastery in a challenging academic setting featuring problem solving, creativity, and collaboration.

Students discover and master foundational skills in academic disciplines while learning to explore with the unknown, embrace multiple perspectives, and create innovative solutions.

Students are given projects that require them to use problem solving and critical thinking skills. This is how they create an authentic learning experience. Each subject is intentional with each project allowing each one to connect in meaningful ways.

Through each day of experiences, each student develops social and emotional skills that promote self-confidence, emotional intelligence, positive communication, and collaboration. Our Rhino's are empowered to be themselves, to embrace learning fully and to contribute to the community as change-makers.


"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

-Albert Einstein

This summer is all about growth, creating, learning, FUN, and becoming our best selves!

Our camps include nurturing leadership, good character, creative thinking, and problem solving in an exciting and natural way.

Each week of camp is full of exciting, new experiences and mentorship to remember for a lifetime!


We start each day with Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Goal Setting & Discussion.

While we have a different theme for each week of camp, every week will be jam-packed with AWESOMENESS!!!

Each week will consist of lots of Art, Cooking & Nutrition Class, Martial Arts, Outdoor Activities, Science Labs, & SO MUCH MORE!!!

Registration: 1 time fee of $50 per child. Includes drawstring backpack, water bottle, LCA shirt, & all supplies for every camp.

Camp week cost: $225/week

Sibling discounts available.

Payment plans available (due before June 1, 2024).

Registration required for each child.

Lifestyle Creators Academy has been an answer to a prayer that I didn’t even know to pray. We’ve tried all the schooling options. Homeschooling, public school, super expensive specialized Private schools. None of them ever felt right. I’ve always said I want my kids to be homeschooled (I just don’t want to be the one to do it!).

We were homeschooling at the time I heard about LCA, and I was immediately intrigued. This seemed like it could be the school I had always wanted for my kids.

I didn’t think there was a school that could ever accommodate all three of my kids. One of my kids has dyslexia and ADHD and learns so differently than most kids.

A typical classroom is like a jail cell to him. Public school just wasn’t an option anymore, he needed more tailored attention than they could give him there.

LCA has been the best school my kids have attended. Hands-down! They all agree it’s their favorite that they have ever been to and they LOVE Mrs April! She has such a huge heart for these kids, and it’s obvious in the way she teaches them.

I’m eternally grateful for LCA, and all it has done for my children. I look forward to watching them and this school grow in the years to come!

-Amelia McCall

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After having been through public, private and home schools I feel that I finally found the right learning environment for my 11-year-old son! You see, he doesn't fit in the box that other schools want to put him in. He doesn't always sit still, he learns at a different pace and he questions things. LCA accepts him for who he is and coaches him on his level and in whatever way he learns best. They offer a large variety of subjects, too.

My son is learning gardening, cooking, sewing, art and business.

The coaches at LCA are so patient and nurturing. They love each child as if they are their own. I don't worry anymore when I drop off my son at school because I know his educational and emotional needs are being met and he's not just being pushed through the system. I'm so grateful to everyone at LCA and so excited to see it grow!

- Tracy Pearson

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Phone: 864-373-9098


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