The traditional education system needs to be disrupted & I am excited that God put us on the journey to do it. Lifestyle Creators Academy empowers kids to take charge of their futures, set goals, take risks, embrace their imagination, & become the best version of themselves.

-Wesley McMorris, Founder of LCA

What's Happening In The Traditional Education System:

  • Skill development is over shadowed by standardized test.

  • Creativity and Talent are drowned out by worksheets and ringing bells.

  • An "expert" in the room trumps the development of questioning and critical thinking.

  • Learning WHAT to learn takes precedence over learning HOW to learn. 

  • Leadership and character is frowned upon and replaced by academic box-checking.

  • ​Every student is expected to operate on the same "academic plan".

My husband and I started homeschooling our son shortly after he completed K4. We just didn’t feel comfortable with how the school system taught & indoctrinated certain topics. We homeschooled our son all through K5-4th grade, but as time went on we felt we needed more than “meet ups”, sports, co-ops, etc. We wanted a school that felt like “home”. We wanted our son to see his friends daily. Friends he could share the same values with. We prayed that such a school would exist some day in the near future and oh boy! What a surprise when I found Lifestyle Creators Academy!

The moment I met Wesley and the entire staff at LCA, I knew our prayers had been answered. From the initial tour to the 1st day of school, I could feel great things were coming. Our son has THRIVED at LCA! He actually looks forward to school every single day, I mean what kid actually WANTS to go to school? LCA students do! My son has even asked us to sign him up for the next school year because that's how bad he wants to continue being a part of LCA. LCA is proof that our prayers were answered!

-Ilka Guevara

Students at LCA are building real-life skills in the classroom everyday. We start the day with goal setting & conversation. This gives each student the responsibility to take control of their day. LCA is a student-led environment with collaborative projects and self-paced learning. 

Ready to take education back into your family’s hands and empower your child for life?

Take the next step to unlocking your child's full potential with the Lifestyle Creators Info Kit!

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